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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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public matter. jesus said that whoever will confess me before men -- that is pretty public, is it? whoever will confess before men, him will i confess before my father in heaven. and whoever will the 94 men, and lowlights also denied before -- >> and they ask obama about religion and he did not say much, either. when asked about homosexuality or gay marriage is the technical term, he said he is not so concerned about some obscure old testament passage, but i prefer the sermon on the mound. he shot himself in both feet on that one. in leviticus, it is very plain. under the law of moses, there was swift justice. he is for that. on the day of judgment, it will
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be dreadful. it really is absolutely dreadful. if we go to the sermon on the mount, you would be put to death and he shall be thought were the. -- worthy. [chime] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> former member of the san francisco board of supervisors, author of the charter amendment that created the mta. regarding the central subway, i am not going to recite why we need it.
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i just want to stress from my own ability to speak on this, having worked on the full funding agreements, they return back. and for this, it is important to note that you are simply providing an assurance to the federal government that you will fulfil the obligations. it is extremely important for one specific reason. anyone that thinks for a second that money can go anywhere else does not know the federal government at all. if there is no full-funding agreement, it will magically appear in the operating budget in the rehabilitation budget. it is new start money. it is going to go to alabama,
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tennessee, arkansas, anywhere but here. keep the project moving, it is a great project for the city. as a side comment, as much as it is a great project, be careful and responsible for the businesses that are being displaced the suffering from the construction that is going on and understand what they are going through. and nevertheless, moving this project forward. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is peter hartman, a community advisory group. i am here to speak about item 49. i can't stay. the previous speaker sums it up quite well.
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i have been serving on the community advisory group for a number of years now, and it has been one series of hearings after another. we just need to move it a little closer. we can move this forward, to echo the speaker before this, it is a great project for the city. it will be an infrastructure project. please approve and let's move it forward. >> supervisors, i am a member of the community advisory group. i want to speak in support of
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the insurance funding for the central subway project. this project has been well- managed and is a strong track record for maintaining the state funding to complete the financing. i wanted to speak for this funding. thank you. >> i hope they get the astronauts program back. i thought this good and -- this was good for the pawn stars tv show. san francisco is really old. and i thought for the ethics commission, i might sell one of the best selling singles of all time.
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♪ yester-ethics-day, love was such an easy game to play ♪ ♪ i believe a sheriff yesterday i did something wrong now i long for yester-she riff's-day ♪ somebody mentioned this. ♪ i beg your pardon i never promised you a city rose garden ♪ ♪ if that is what it means to hold you through, let you go.
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it isn't so hard to understand ♪ ♪ i know if you try now i know you will get a helping hand ♪ ♪ a new city day has begun ♪ [chime] >> i want to thank our authorities in washington for the episode dealing with senator
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don edwards. the only thing i have to say is which one in front of you will be the next john edwards. ask yourself the question when you are shaving each morning or brushing your teeth each morning. i want to thank law enforcement for what was announced at cleveland. it can easily happen in san francisco. we have to be ever vigilant. it because we can't afford any mistakes. when you count of the dead bodies, it is a big mistake. i am saddened about the canceled committee meetings here in san francisco. are we getting anything out of it? one particular committee has my attention, and it goes by the saying of getting three lawyers
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together. i would like to say that davy jones, we are still waiting for that little piece of paper. the longer it takes, they are going to wake. there will be no excuses when it becomes a national issue. sooner or later, ask yourself why certain musicians want to boycott the city of san francisco. it will come to the inevitable conclusion that they are sympathizers to that old white man and davy jones of the monkeys. we know who is responsible for the waiting game we are playing. it is not fun and games for the widow. >> good afternoon, a board of supervisors. i am from the chinatown transportation research and improvement project.
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we were found in the early 19 seventies. the first thing i like to address, has anybody taken the 30, 45, or 8 buses? chinatown is a low-income neighborhood. this is by necessity, not choice. the second thing i like to point out, it is not just a shuttle from chinatown to downtown, it is a completion of the t line. low-8income -- low-income people are dependent on public transit. the subway will connect people to jobs, schools, recreation, and much more. there is also strong support at the federal level for this.
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he administrator expressed strong support for the merit of this project. he explains is the best solution for the densely packed corridor. the understand the strong need for the subway. please make his dream come true, show support for the chinatown community. >> i have no song for you today. but i am with the operating engineers, we are the union that operate the heavy equipment that will be needed to complete the subway rails. we move in support of the railway. this product will provide many benefits to san francisco and
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the visitors, including the quality of life and decrees to travel time. connecting local communities by serving residents, visitors and museumgoers. increase the transit capacity to relieve the crowding and reduce the air and noise pollution. it will improve the regional connections. it will relieve service connection -- injectioingestion. -- congestion. it will also put many workers back to work that are desperate for these jobs. it will offset any other san francisco project. if it were abandoned, the entire investment from the new starts
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program will be redistributed to other projects throughout the nation. san francisco would not receive any of this funding. any hesitation from san francisco would result in immediate redirection of these funds to other cities. >> i am speaking in regard to item 49 in support of the bonds to serve as insurance findings in the event of delays or other variables. construction workers rely on these jobs like we do with local higher and other variables that deal with the work picture in san francisco. have the people of chinatown deserve the continuance of the project. being a fifth generation
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illustrates the knowledge of how public transportation is a vital way of getting around san francisco. i appreciate the creativity in the efforts to move the project forward regarding the hurdles and any other issues the project may face. by appreciate your support in this matter. have a great day. thanks. >> i am the senior field representative had of will speak on item 49. a new thing happened yesterday, the first one was that we had a tentative agreement on the memorandum in the city of county with the consolidated craftsmen to work pretty hard the last two weeks. we dispatched the central subway jobs. you can imagine my shock when i showed up this morning with an e-mail the said this project
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might be in danger. restarted descent people to another project, and when the braves got slammed on that in a hurry, they jumped by 30 or 40 members and i would like to see this go forward. it is all about putting people to work. >> i am a member of the central subway, a big supporter of the federal subway. i am here to ask for your support on this resolution. i believe the only way to solve our transportation problem is to go underground. the surface doesn't seem to get there and we get any other way. we won't do that if we go underground. i can hardly wait for it to get to fisherman's wharf or maybe even the marina.
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it is just a start, but i think it is time san francisco started going to subways to solve the transportation problem which is pretty serious and will only get worse. >> stop the corporate rate of the public library, don't give money or except money from friends of the library. accountability and democracy go together. we reached a point in this city where ethical standards no longer touch money if it is a private corporate dollars. last year after they violated someone's right to make public comment, the sunshine found the task force -- a task force found the action so egregious that it was a willful violation.
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the ethics commission made a filing of the usefulness -- misconduct. not only was he reelected, but the public library considers unethical conduct to be a leadership quality. this was not a misstep. this official misconduct comes on top of the long history of sunshine violations and counterattacks against many critics in order to suppress open discussion. it reached a point where the library commission is a common down to meet the incorrigibly on ethical. there was recently an incident of trying to arrest someone whose public comment and didn't like and it wasn't even me. they are ripping off public institutions for millions of dollars and it is an opportunity to demonstrate how impervious the money makes them. it demonstrates the powerlessness of democratic institutions compared to the influence of money and corporate
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power. the privatization of public assets goes hand-in-hand with the degradation of democracy and traditions of open government. one depends upon the other to succeed. it is what the philanthropist's get for their money and that is why it is still true that the allies cost more than the money. >> i'm the chairman of the subway task force, we're stronly in fa -- strongly in favor of item 49 that will help us secure the funding. this is a very important project in the broader context of public transportation of san francisco. we currently have the slowest major transportation system in the nation.
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the stockton and third street corridors have the slowest transportation in the northeast part of the city, about three and a half miles an hour. the northeast part of the city is the densest neighborhood in the united states without rail rapid transit, and it shows. it is very poor service. the central subway conform the length of a citywide rapid transit system that is desperately needed. he needs to be extended further north and possibly left so that we can serve this and dense urban area. the next step is to approve this funding assurance so that we can claim the large amount of federal monday that is available for this project, keep it on track, and improve public transit in san francisco. we urge your support.
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>> believing to the supervisors, thank you for this opportunity to come before you. i want to share an issue end of request your support for the prison community here in san francisco. on an issue that was taking place by the mta in trying to establish a parking meters are around the churches in san francisco on sunday. that will tremendously impact our elderly. it will impact our ability to provide services to those that are in need. those that are unemployed, and a lot of services will be adversely impacted. we need your help to get out of that budget, because if it is done, hit the brakes of our services.
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people will have to go out and feed project leaders. it will adversely impact the ability of our parishioners that come into the city from out of town and they come in from out of town and they go to all the businesses in this city and spent money in san francisco, said it will take money out of the pocket of san francisco. we ask your support and asking them to take that part out of the budget to put parking meters around churches in san francisco. >> good afternoon members of the board of supervisors. i am the interim executive director, and i am here to speak on item 49 in support of the contingency funding for the central subway project.
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the business community has been in support of the subway project since 1996 since we were the merchants association and we continue to do so since we merged in 2009. this is not without pain. we have adopted the motto, no pain and no gain. we had a briefing this morning by the central subway team where we had members come and learn what is to come. i understand it will get worse before it gets better, but we do see the long-term picture, this is a huge investment in transit for san francisco, for the district in particular, i understand it is a continuation of the light rail connecting our district to the corridor. and on to chinatown, and hopefully in the future on north beach. we see that activity being
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really important and you want to bring people to the district to keep union square viable and economically strong. we encourage you to support the community funding plans today that are before you. i understand they might not be needed until 2018. it is contingency, and we do support it. >> my name is charlie lowery, i am a senior at the operating engineers union. of like issue you have been a day. and very appropriate that we hear about the situation of the task force on this day. i would also like to commend you on your support for the central subway and infrastructure projects in the city. engineers represent surveyors, heavy equipment, crane
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operators, and material inspectors. right now, 896 members are on the out of work list in san francisco. they're not just operating engineers, they are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters. they are taxpayers and consumers. those out of work operating engineers have depended on schools and colleges and are in the health care system. how they are losing their homes and losing their health insurance as a result of unemployment. i urge the board to do everything in its power to assure the progress of this project and include any issuance of bonds. how does the time for maximizing benefits. we're all acutely aware of the delay. while the underlying need also continues to grow, and the need
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for jobs has never been greater. >> i just got back from the mta commissioners in support of the bond. this project means a lot not only to the membership as you heard, we have the majority of the work hours that are going to the drivers, operators, laborers, and i am sure they will have a large piece of its. this project doesn't only mean a lot to the membership, but to the many hours we spent doing community outreach and job training to the certain disadvantaged communities, i would hate to see this be impacted for lack of funds and
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have a community youth participation on them. it is a sense of pride and accomplishment. had wanted is complete, they will be able to utilize. they will have the sense of pride of being part of the high- profile project. at the commissioner's, they won't be around to be able to use this service at the subway, let alone be around at the end of completion. i say that, respectfully. that of the infrastructure, and helped the local government at the local economy.
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>> my name is javier flores. i'm not going to talk about how bad it's been the last two or three years. i am pretty sure everyone knows about the construction industry. this is one of the hubs that we have, about seven of them work for the members and for any other union. all we can ask you, if we can call it a favor, support this project. president chiu: any other members of the public here for general public comment? public comment is closed. we have a number of members from the district council and want to
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welcome you to the board chamber. why don't we go to the adoption calendar? >> 46-50 are being considered for immediate in unanimous adoption without committee reference. president chiu: would anyone like to separate any items? >> 49. president chiu: can you call the roll on the balance of the roll call? [roll call vote]
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>> there are 11 aye's. president chiu: item 49. >> resolution supporting the commitment to issue revenue bonds as insurance funding for the central subway project in the event of any delay or shortfall in the availability of funding. >> i was proud to be a sponsor of this, thank you for code- sponsoring this resolution. we know that it is going to